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Landscape Gardening

For your landscape to flourish throughout the year, professional gardening is essential. Jenkins Landscape Company has been the choice for quality landscape care in South Florida since 1959. We understand the effects of the South Florida climate and environment and what it takes to keep all kinds of plant material healthy. For each client, we will custom-design a landscape maintenance program. This means that you can pick and choose the different services we offer and create the gardening maintenance program that suits your needs and the needs of your landscape.

In the state of Florida there is no license or regulation for landscapers. We are lumped in with the Farmers, and cannot be regulated, but on the same note we do not get the same benefits that farmers get. We became heavily involved with the FNGLA's (Florida Nursery, Growers, Landscapers Association) certification program with the hopes of the state requiring certification of all landscape contracts. FNGLA is still working diligently on this ,and hopefully one day, the landscape industry will become a little more standardized.

What sets Jenkins apart from our competitors? Our expert staff combines state-of-the-art equipment and materials with in-depth experience and knowledge to provide the regular attention and conscientious care that your landscape needs to survive and thrive.

Every Gardening crew is led by a foreman who is both certified with his
BMP (Best Management Practices) and Maintenance Technician through FNGLA (FCLMT). Each crew is equipped with the tools to complete everything at your property from mowing specialty golf turf to hand pruning to spraying for minor pests. Our foremen go through strict training practices in safety and landscape knowledge to be able to carry their knowledge onto your property.

We are known for our exceptional customer service and all-inclusive services (pest control, fertilization, irrigation, installation and tree trimming). We will handle everything related to your property, and most importantly in a timely manner. We can meet almost any deadline and provide same day service for existing customers. We also offer 24/7 emergency service. What kind of emergency could happen that would require a landscaper to come after hours? When your property is pushing our gallons of water per minute from a main line break or stuck valve- you need someone to stop the water waste and make necessary repairs. Our current customers can call our
emergency line after hours and have someone at your property immediately. Our equipment and trucks are maintained by our in house mechanic who ensures every crew has the right equipment each day for any job. We also have fuel on site to keep our crews efficient and equipped for the day. We use top of the line machinery (Toro, John Deere, Stihl, CAT and more) for the best performance for our customers.

Our safety program is considered top notch and recognized around the state from our insurance providers. Our employees are held to a high standard when it comes to safety. We hold annual training day workshops and monthly meetings to instill the safety culture of Jenkins Landscape Company. Our employees' safety is our #1 priority from the Jenkins Family and we want our employees to be able to earn safe and prosperous living for themselves and their families.

As a Landscape Gardening customer you will have access to all of our services. Our Landscape Gardening Division offers the following services:
-Lawn cutting, edging and trimming
-Tree, hedge and shrub pruning
-Weed control
-Rotation of annuals
-Sod installation and removal
-Landscape clean-up
-Landscape installation & refurbishment
-Water and energy conservation
-Horticultural waste recycling
-Irrigation maintenance and installation
-Pest control
-Paperless Electronic Billing

For a professional consultation to discuss your landscape gardening needs,
call Jenkins Landscape Company.

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